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Resin coatings are hard-wearing, extremely durable surface finishes

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Resin coatings are hard-wearing, extremely durable surface finishes which are applied to either a concrete slab or screed.

A resin floor finish suits all sorts of situations, from car park decking to office spaces, shopping centres to luxury homes.

The type of resin coating used depends on the end application. For a multi storey car park, we’d generally apply a high performance coating with each layer being just microns thick; for a more decorative finish, it’s more likely we’d recommend a 5mm-deep flowing resin.

What doesn’t change is the preparation. The longevity of a resin coating is almost entirely dependent on the way the substrate is prepared, as it requires an excellent bond. We mechanically prepare the surface just as we do with our screeding services.

The benefits of resin coated finishes

The resin systems we use at Diverse Screed are engineered to withstand high traffic, to be hygienic and easy to clean, and to create a seamless finish. As well as epoxy resin flooring, we specialise in polyurethane resin flooring and cementitious urethane flooring. There are, of course, differences between the various products available, the way they are applied and the environmental conditions required for application, curing times, cost and enhanced characteristics.

Those enhanced characteristics can include: self-smoothing, slip-resistant, moisture-tolerant, chemical-resistant, anti-static, and heat-resistant.

It’s these characteristics that are likely to be the most important when choosing a resin coating, rather than cost, along with the way they interact with certain chemicals. PU resin floors, for instance, are more resistant to chemical spills than epoxy flooring systems, while epoxies can be supplied in more colours and decorative effects. The PU deck coatings we use in a multi storey car park are different to the PU concrete systems we might recommend for particular industrial environments. For a shop fit-out, an MMA acrylic floor coating can be ready to take foot traffic in as little as two hours.

As approved Flowcrete contractors, we’re trained to help architects and main contractors make the best choice of resin flooring for each specific use case. Whatever the setting – leisure centre to healthcare – we’ll help you find the finish with the ideal set of properties.

Just get in touch to talk to us about which resin coated surface would work best for your project.

Resin Flooring FAQs

The curing time for resin coatings and resin-bound surfaces depends on the product and the temperature. Some epoxy flooring is ready to take foot traffic in a similar time to screed: 24-48 hours. Some fast-curing products are available which can speed up the time from pour to cure. Some resin flooring can be ready for a building’s users to return to work in as little as two hours!

It’s more that some resin systems are designed differently. So, some epoxy and polyurethane resin coatings need temperatures above 15°C – they need warmth – whereas others are designed to be cold setting, capable of curing in only a couple of hours at -30°C. Not a temperature we have to work in too often, thankfully!

In theory, resin can also be installed on asphalt, tiles or even wood, but a concrete or cementitious base offers fewer challenges. If in doubt, consult an expert with the specifics of the base you’d like to consider resin coating for.

Quite a few, depending on the purpose and site of application. Anti-slip flooring is a regular request, and other special properties include self-smoothing, moisture-tolerant, chemical-resistant, anti-static, and heat-resistant. They can also be available in a range of colours and decorative finishes. We can advise you on the specifics and the best product for your environment and end use.

Different types of resin flooring will require different types of maintenance, but resin coated floors are generally easy to maintain. Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping are usually effective for keeping a resin coated floor clean and in good condition.

“Diverse Screed & Resin Contractors have undertaken a large number of projects on behalf of Ashe Construction over the past 4 years. The projects are varied and range from Commercial & Industrial, Education, Leisure & Motor Dealerships. The level of service provided and the quality of the work consistently delivered has resulted in Diverse securing the majority of projects Ashe undertake.”

Kevin Morris – Senior Design Manager at Ashe Construction

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Resin coatings are hard-wearing, extremely durable surface finishes

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